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Sunflower Eyes Productions

see the sun in art again & art in each other forever

Sunflower Eyes Productions seeks to tell the stories of historically looted, abused, or ignored identities and communities via musical projects, theatre pieces, and films. This includes those of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks; Black and Indigenous people as well as other people of Color; women and femmes; disabled communities, and LGBTQIA2S communities. This includes musicals, EPs, full albums, short and feature length films, and other live performances.

Sunflower Eyes Productions is run by a Black, mixed, chronically ill, nonbinary, and queer person named Artemis Montague (they/them), who seeks to address the harm perpetuated and enacted against forcibly marginalized communities and artists. 


Sunflower Eyes wants to adjust the Weltanschauung of theatre and film, disrupting the day to day monotony and inequity with filmmakers, storytellers, playwrights, and musicians on creating works that accurately and diversely represent the scope of the world around us. They want to change the landscape on which we create, using all storytelling avenues and standpoint epistemology to change the narrative on everyone and everything that we see in our world through the view of sunflowers.

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About Artemis Montague, CEO

let the sunflowers remind us to always face the sun and, when we cannot, hold onto each other for guidance.

Artemis Montague (they/them) is a composer-lyricist, librettist, scriptwriter, director, and producer. A Black mixed-race nonbinary femmeboi creator with co-occurring disabilities, they write and encourage the development of stories and music that feature people at different ages, stages, and places in life, but always with honesty and integrity. They have also published online opinion pieces related to social justice and the arts on DC Metro Theatre Arts and The Sappho Project. They have a deep investment in dismantling ableism, (trans)gender bias, and racism/colorism in theatre and the performing arts, which is why they choose stories to tell that are close to their heart but also to their values of diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility, and accountability. To date, Montague has written 130+ songs and has written two full musicals.

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